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OIG Offers Provider Compliance Training Videos And Audio Podcasts
Videos Provide Guidance on Fraud, Abuses Laws

The Office of Inspector General has posted 11 free videos and audio podcasts (averaging about four minutes each) on its website. These podcasts cover major health care fraud and abuse laws, the basics of health care compliance programs, and what to do when a compliance issue arises.

The latest video, "A Toolkit for Health Care Boards” is narrated by Lewis Morris, Chief Counsel to the Inspector General. It provides tips for health care boards to promote quality of care and embrace compliance with the law.

The OIG's provider compliance training initiative is an outgrowth of the HHS/DOJ Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team's ("HEAT") efforts. The videos are hosted on and are embedded on OIG's web pages. They provide a three-pronged message about provider compliance.

  • Get the Facts. Understand the law and the consequences of violating it.
  • Make a Plan. Cultivate a culture of compliance within your health care organization.
  • Know Where To Go. Learn what to do when a compliance issue arises.

The videos and podcasts listed below can be accessed at the OIG web site:

  • How to Use the Exclusions Database 
  • How to Report Fraud to the OIG 
  • OIG's Self Disclosure Protocol 
  • Importance of Documentation 
  • Tips for Implementing an Effective Compliance Program 
  • Compliance Program Basics 
  • OIG Guidance 
  • Physician Self-Referral Law 
  • False Claims Act 
  • Federal Anti-kickback Statute 
  • Exclusion Authorities & Effects of Exclusion

Please note that you may be prompted to login to the APTA site before you can access some of the documents below.

  • PTNow - Tools for Advancing Physical Therapist Practice (APTA)
  • APTA's Core Documents
    • Code of Ethics
    • Guide for Professional Conduct
    • Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy
    • Criteria for Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy
    • Guidelines: Physical Therapy Documentation of Patient/Client Management
    • Professionalism in Physical Therapy: Core Values
    • Standards Of Ethical Conduct For The Physical Therapist Assistant
    • Guide for Conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Home Care State Listings--NAHC Home Care and Hospice State Association Contact Information
  • American Disabilities Act--from the Dept. of Justice
  • JCAHO--Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • CHAP--Community Health Accreditation Program
  • NAHC--Home Care Online, the National Association for Home Care
  • AOTA--American Occupational Therapy Association
  • APTA--American Physical Therapy Association
  • ASHA--American Speech, Language & Hearing Association
  • NLM--National Library of Medicine