COVID-19: Clinical Best Practices in Physical Therapy Management

In collaboration with HPA The Catalyst and the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section, the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy presented a webinar.

Recorded March 28, 2020

About the Webinar:
As a novel strain, COVID-19 has been a challenge to determine best clinical practices across the health professions, including physical therapy. This webinar will highlight current insights into its pathophysiology and medical management, including its widespread acute inflammatory microvascular changes resulting in multi-system effects, including myocarditis, arrhythmias, and pneumonitis to full-blown ARDS (including updates from Society for Critical Care Medicine and American College of Cardiology).

This webinar will present clinical practice considerations such as assessing lab values and imaging results, differentiating ventilator versus non-ventilator patients, considerations for ECMO, positioning to optimize ventilation/perfusion patterns, and determining if there are any airway clearance needs (hint: most commonly not). Presenters will also discuss trends in the role of PT with these clients across the country and highlight potential best practices.



Talia Pollok PT, DPT, CCS
Education Chair, APTA Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section

James Tompkins PT, DPT
Mayo Clinic, APTA Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy


Heidi Engel PT, DPT
Critical Care Clinical Specialist University of California San Francisco Medical Center

Christiane Perme, PT, CCS, FCCM
Rehab Education Specialist Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, TX

Stephen Ramsey PT, DPT, CCS
Piedmont Medical Center, Atlanta GA

Ellen Hillegass PT, EdD, CCS, FAPTA
Piedmont Medical Center & Mercer University, Atlanta GA

Angela Campbell PT, DPT, CCS
Professor of Physical Therapy Springfield College

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