5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Advocate for Your Profession

By: Dr. Eva Norman, PT, DPT

It’s spring and our US members of Congress want to hear from their constituents. They are home in the district throughout the spring. Check out the Senate schedule and House schedule to find out when. We have a wonderful opportunity to educate legislators on issues important to us and our patients. However, only 11% of the entire APTA membership are currently advocating for our profession. Help us strengthen our voices on Capitol Hill! If you want to improve your reimbursement, reduce administrative burdens, and improve access to your services, make a difference by doing one of the following:

  1. Download the APTA Action App: Have easy and quick access to legislative issues, your legislators, and ability to take action and have your voice heard.  Download for iPhone. Download for Android.

  2. Join the Advocacy Network: It is the best way to advocate and stay informed on the issues facing our patients and the profession. In 30 seconds or less, you can sign up and grow our grassroots, get regular Congressional updates through email, and advocate through emails created by APTA. There are legislators that will vote based on the number of letters they receive, especially if they are not healthcare experts or know enough about the issue. Your letter can sway a vote!

  3. Read the latest Federal Affairs Liaison Briefing Memo: This is a great way to learn and stay informed about the Congressional legislative issues impacting physical therapy and our patients.

  4. Attend a local town hall meeting: These meetings can be invaluable to learn what issues are important to your member of Congress, to build a relationship by introducing yourself to the legislator and their staff (Mention you are a therapist or student!), and to alert the legislator on what is important to your profession. They always want to hear from constituents! Google search their name and go to their Congressional website to learn when the next meeting is. Inquire about the healthcare town hall meetings.

  5. Donate to the PT PAC: PT PAC is the federal fund raising arm of the association. A donation of any kind can help the profession have more face time with members of Congress to educate them about the value of physical therapy. If every member donated $20, we would be the largest healthcare PAC in the country. Imagine what we could accomplish! 

Help advance the profession through advocacy today. Contact me should you have any questions at [email protected].

PT & Our Patients are Counting on You!

Dr. Eva Norman, PT DPT
Newly appointed APTA Home Health Federal Affairs Liaison