Learn, Educate, Advocate

Posted: April 11, 2024

Patient advocacy empowers you to leverage your distinctive knowledge and expertise in physical therapy to engage with your member of Congress. By sharing your personal experiences and insights, you aim to raise awareness and shape the perspectives of legislators and their staff. The most impactful method? Sharing compelling patient narratives. These stories serve as powerful tools, illuminating the vital role of physical therapy and driving meaningful change.

Here are three ways YOU can make a difference:

We have seen, through the years, the profound impact advocacy has on the profession of physical therapy. APTA has always been able to count on our seasoned advocates, who have continued to move the needle in the halls of Congress, but now we turn to you.

Learn, Educate and Advocate. Our patients & physical therapy are counting on us!

Dr. Eva Norman, PT, DPT, CEEAA
APTA Home Health Federal Affairs Liaison
[email protected]