ACHH Program Fee Estimates

The prices below reflect a close estimate of the total costs of participating in this program. There will be some variation, particularly for PTs who choose to participate in a longer elective course (a min. of 4 credit hours is required in the program, but some electives are 6-hours). Likewise, the live or virtual seminar registration fee varies slightly, depending upon when and where you attend. The information below is intended to give you good guidance; your actual final course fees may be slightly less or slightly more, depending upon your course choices. 

Program Course Requirements Home Health Academy Member Price APTA Member Price Non-Member Price
ACHH PT Core Course Bundle $486.00 $540.00 $900.00
ACHH PTA Core Course Bundle $437.40 $486.00 $765.00
Live or Virtual Seminar
Regular Registration
$530.00 $580.00 $630.00
*Price varies depending on location, time of registration and whether course is in person or virtual. This estimate does not include travel or lodging. That will be the responsibility of the participant.      
Online Elective Courses      
*PT program participants are required to complete at least 4 credit hours of additional online electives. Note that some electives are longer. Price is relative to course length. $54-$189/per course $60-$210/per course $100-$350/per course


Not a Home Health Academy member? Join before registering and you’ll save. Academy membership is $45 for APTA member physical therapists. In addition to saving on registration fees, you’ll get access to great resources relevant to practice in the home care setting.