ACHH Certification Renewal Requirements 

Advanced Competency in Home Health (ACHH) graduates are required to renew their ACHH certificate every five years. The renewal application [PDF] and payment must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days after the certificate's expiration date.

The renewal application requires a signature. Adobe electronic signatures are acceptable. The renewal application and renewal fees must be submitted through the secure form at the bottom of this page.

Renewal Requirements

  • ACHH graduates are required to obtain a total of 10 contact hours of relevant advanced competency education or activities every five years from at least two of the areas identified in the list below of “Qualifying Education or Activities”. Qualifying activities must have been completed prior to the expiration date on the graduate's ACHH certificate and not longer than five (5) years prior to the expiration date.

  • Certificates not renewed at least 30 days following their expiration are not renewable. Individuals who do not meet ACHH renewal requirements may attain the certificate again by purchasing and completing the current full program requirements.

Renewal Fees
For each 5-year certificate period, ACHH graduates are required to submit a renewal fee with their renewal application through the form below. Renewal fees are reduced for certificate renewal prior to the certificate's expiration date. Graduates may submit a renewal application 120 days prior to their certificate's expiration date, but no earlier than 120 days.

  • APTA Home Health Member - PT Renewal Fee: $150
  • APTA Home Health Member - PTA Renewal Fee: $100
  • Non-Member - PT Renewal Fee: $200
  • Non-Member - PTA Renewal Fee: $150

Late renewal fees are required for renewal applications submitted within 30-90 calendar days after their certificate expiration date (late fee begins to apply for renewal applications uploaded a day after the certificate expiration date):

  • APTA Home Health Member - PT LATE Renewal Fee: $250
  • APTA Home Health Member - PTA LATE Renewal Fee: $200
  • Non-Member - PT LATE Renewal Fee: $300
  • Non-Member - PTA LATE Renewal Fee: $250

Qualifying Education or Activities
Only activities that occurred in the current five-year certificate period (from the date the current certificate was issued until the date it expires) are allowable for renewal. Please remember you must have completed education or activities from at least TWO different areas below. 

1. Continued Education:

    • Online Learning Center courses approved as Advanced Competency in Home Health electives. Note that some electives may be restricted to PTs or PTAs only and the audience information is provided in the course description. Courses that are not listed or described as an ACHH program or ACHH-approved course may not be used for certificate renewal. The majority of ACHH electives are appropriate for both PTs and PTAs.

    • Home Health Section-sponsored continuing education courses at the annual Combined Sections Meeting (CSM).  These are the educational sessions and not the business meeting, the hot topics, or similar regulatory material.  They must be clinically based to be accepted.

2. Serve as a lab assistant or faculty for a face-to-face Advanced Competency in Home Health course. (Additional qualifications for lab assistants and acceptance are also required). 5 hours of ACHH renewal credit is provided for serving as a lab assistant at a single 2-day ACHH live course.

3. Successfully complete the 2-day live Advanced Competency in Home Health course again within 24 months of your certificate expiration/renewal date for 5 hours of renewal credit.

4. Course presenter:

    • Develop and present an approved online elective course for the Advanced Competency in Home Health program for either the PT or PTA program. 5 hours of credit for each 1 hour of presentation.

    • Develop and present a course for Home Health Section sponsorship at APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting. 5 hours of credit for each 1 hour of CSM presentation. Note that all CSM presentations must go through the regular CSM submission process which typically begins in March of each year preceding the conference.

5. Authorship: Write and publish an article relevant to home health physical therapy practice. Only articles published in an edited magazine/newsletter/journal with a physical therapy or home health audience are eligible. Both electronic and print publications apply. Examples: Home Health Section Quarterly ReportPTinMotionPhysical TherapyGeriNotes; APTA State Chapter publications; Home Health Care NewsHomeCare Magazine5 hours of credit per article with a minimum of 1,000 words/article.

6. Journal Club: Participate in up to 5 journal clubs, dates of those attended must be listed, one point per attendance.  Leading the journal club awards 3 points which can be increased up to 5 with additional attendance. If only attending, you must attend at least 3 clubs for a minimum of 3 points/maximum 5 points per renewal cycle. 


Renewal Audits
Quality assurance will be conducted through random audits of 1% of renewals annually. Those audited will be required to provide verification for completion of each item reported on their renewal form, such as a certificate of completion/CEU certificate, an electronic copy of a published article, or a course listing or lab assistant agreement.

Applicants have 15 days to correct disqualifying credits. No additional fees apply.


ACHH Certificate Renewal Application Submission Form

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Use this submission form to upload a COMPLETED renewal application. Enable pop-ups for this page in your browser prior to submission; otherwise, you may not get an acknowledgment when you complete the form.