Psychological Burden Associated with COVID-19: Experiences of Healthcare Providers and Organizations

Posted: February 3, 2021

BCAT is conducting a survey to assess the psychological burden associated with COVID-19.

Healthcare providers have been on the front lines battling the novel coronavirus pandemic on behalf of their patients and residents. The emerging research literature documents that the psychological toll of COVID-19 on providers, organizations, residents, and their families, as measured in mood and somatic symptoms, is high and rising. 

BCAT is surveying healthcare providers across the healthcare continuum in the US asking questions regarding their perceived psychological burden 10 months into the pandemic as well as queries about their coping skills, suggestions for social and organization support, and thoughts about the vaccine.

The link to the survey is below. The survey can be completed in less than 7 minutes.  BCAT will not be collecting PHI or other privacy information, and survey participants will not be required to complete a separate consent agreement.  All research findings will be de-identified with respect to individual participants. 

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